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St. Paulinus is a Faith Based Caring Community that is open and welcoming to all.

Newsletter, July 2020

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Comment: What is going to happen next?!!
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LATEST NEWS 1st July 2020:
WE PLAN TO OPEN OUR CHURCH in a safe (socially distanced) way AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The church will be able to accommodate 30 people for private prayer. You are invited to add your name to a list of people wishing to attend, so that we can gauge demand for places. A phone number will be made available for this. Some facilities (e.g. toilets, parish hall, kitchen) will be closed until we get more back to normal.

You can now attend our parish Sunday mass online - find the link via OUR NEW FACEBOOK PAGE here:
and OUR TWITTER FEED here: @StPchurchGiz

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St Benedict

July 11 is the feast day of Saint Benedict, a man who left the city and the promises of Roman nobility in search of a life of solitude. For three years he lived in a cave as a hermit, but when a local abbot died, the community begged him to come and help them.
However, while they revered Benedict for his sanctity, the monks could not agree on anything and tried to poison him with a drink! The saint famously said a blessing over the cup and foiled the insidious plan. Numerous miracles were attributed to him during his lifetime and his wisdom was sought after by all.
To help us appreciate the man Pope Benedict XVI chose to emulate, here are ten inspiring quotes from the “Father of Western Monasticism”:

1) "What is more delightful than the voice of our Lord calling us?"
2) “The sleepy like to make excuses.”
3) “Be careful to be gentle, lest in removing the rust, you break the whole instrument.”
4) “Run while you have the light of life, lest the darkness of death overtake you.”
5) “Prayer ought to be short and pure, unless it be prolonged by the inspiration of Divine grace.”
6) “Idleness is an enemy of the soul.”
7) “One who never stops talking cannot avoid falling into sin.”
8) “We read it is true, that wine is by no means a drink for monastics; but since the monastics of our day cannot be persuaded of this let us at least agree to drink sparingly and not to satiety because ‘wine makes even the wise fall away’ (Eccles. 19:2).”
9) “Let all guests who arrive be received like Christ, for He is going to say, ‘I came as a guest, and you received Me’ (Matt. 25:35).”
10) “The first degree of humility is prompt obedience.”

Comment: What is going to happen next?!!

Let's see these strange times as days of opportunity. We are being called to find new and better ways to live the good news. When we are filled with the joy and love of the Holy Spirit, we have to share it. Though we are restricted in what we can safely do, we can still let others know they are loved. We have telephones or computers, we can still send letters, we can still call over the fence to our neighbours.

"I got saved on the Internet" – that is what more and more people are saying, after logging onto religious Web sites.

The Internet is just one more tool that many ministries are using to reach the world for Christ. When Jesus gave the commandment, ‘Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel,’ the disciples were on foot. There was no television, no radio, no airplanes, and certainly no Internet. What a difference 2,000 years can make! Or for that matter, 10 years. Today, more and more people are coming to faith in Christ by logging onto the World Wide Web.
Let's think about that and consider if we as a parish could be part of this. If you are stuck in your house and can't get out, know that from your living room you can reach billions of people. All you need is the right Word to say - and God can give you that.
If you would like to see what other people are doing about this, you can find an example here: internet-evangelism-casting-a-new-kind-of-net

Let's continue to follow the Lord faithfully and humbly, knowing that he makes good our deficiencies. "When I am weak, then I am strong" (St Paul, reflecting on the kindness and salvation that comes from God). Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful, and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created, and you shall renew the face of the earth.


St Bonaventure

St. Bonaventure was a medieval Franciscan, scholastic theologian and philosopher known as "the seraphic doctor". He was born born Giovanni di Fidanza at Bagnoregio, in the Lazio region of central Italy, in 1221. He received the name of Bonaventure because of an exclamation of St. Francis of Assisi, when, in response to the pleading of the child's mother, the saint prayed for the child's recovery from a dangerous illness, and, foreseeing the future greatness of the little Giovanni, cried out "O Buona ventura"- O good fortune!
At the age of twenty-two St. Bonaventure entered the Franciscan Order. At the age of thirty-five he was chosen General of his Order and restored a perfect calm where peace had been disturbed by internal dissensions. He did much for his Order and composed The Life of St. Francis. He was nominated Archbishop of York by Pope Clement IV, but he begged not to be forced to accept that dignity. Gregory X obliged him to take upon himself a greater one, that of Cardinal and Bishop of Albano, one of the six suffragan Sees of Rome. Before his death he abdicated his office of General of the Franciscan Order. He died while he was assisting at the Second Council of Lyons, on July 15, 1274.

Our Parish

We are going to run our first Virtual coffee morning at 10am on Thursday 9th July - would you like an invitation sent to you by e-mail, which will enable you to get together with other parishioners online? If so, just let us know here

We hope you are enjoying our online parish mass. Are you one of the parish readers or would you like to be? Contact us here - we need readers to record the words of scripture for our online Sunday celebration

Priory project at St Paulinus School

Our School

We treasure our brilliant pupils, parents and staff at St Paulinus school!
You may be aware that our school has a very active Governing Body. Governors are jointly responsible for the conduct of the school, ensuring that the best possible Catholic education is provided for the pupils attending the school. We have a vacancy for a Foundation Governor, could you be the right person to help the next steps for our school?

If you are interested then please contact the Chair of Governors at
or for more information check the Diocese website:

Priory project at St Paulinus School
Did you miss school sports day? You can catch up here
See more here


cafod Mboro cafod july 2020
As you may know we are currently running an emergency Coronavirus Appeal. In the world’s poorest countries, health care systems are not coping with the coronavirus and families are going hungry because people cannot go out to earn money. Our local experts are providing emergency food, clean water and health advice. Our main image, above, shows an awareness-raising session in Nigeria where emergency food was also distributed. Get the latest updates on our response, here

As a church we are a community of hope, who know that with God’s help we can do so much to prevent Coronavirus devastating the world and particularly the more vulnerable that we and our partners work with.

Kayode, our Country Manager in Sierra Leone, shared with us: “It is not hopeless. We can still save lives by adapting our programmes wherever possible. We have posters, radio messages, television shows telling people to wash their hands, and getting those messages out to people.”

You all have a really important role to play in your parish as we all work together.


svp student
Did you know that for a small amount - £15 - you can now individually sponsor a student in India?
Meaning “Knowledge and Light”, the Vidya Jyothi Scheme enables children to attend school and get an education which wll provide a vital pathway out of poverty for them and their families.
By sponsoring a primary school student through the Vidya Jyothi Scheme, you help to cover their school fees, uniforms, books, transport and food. You can sponsor one student through the Vidya Jyothi Scheme with a one-off payment of £15.
To see lovely pictures, videos and more information,
visit this SVP web page ;
and read more in "the Vincentian", our SVP magazine

This month we are again blessed with an abundance of feast days. Notes and Readings for each day are available at:
Wed 1 Wednesday of week 13 in Ordinary Time or Saint Oliver Plunket, Bishop, Martyr
Thu 2 Thursday of week 13 in Ordinary Time
Fri 3 Saint Thomas, Apostle Feast
Sat 4 Saturday of week 13 in Ordinary Time or Saint Elizabeth of Portugal or Saturday memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Sun 5 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Mon 6 Monday of week 14 in Ordinary Time or Saint Maria Goretti, Virgin, Martyr
Tue 7 Tuesday of week 14 in Ordinary Time
Wed 8 Wednesday of week 14 in Ordinary Time
Thu 9 Thursday of week 14 in Ordinary Time or Saint Augustine Zhao Rong and his Companions, Martyrs
Fri 10 Friday of week 14 in Ordinary Time
Sat 11 Saint Benedict, Abbot, Co-Patron of Europe Feast
Sun 12 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time v Mon 13 Monday of week 15 in Ordinary Time or Saint Henry
Tue 14 Tuesday of week 15 in Ordinary Time or Saint Camillus of Lellis, Priest
Wed 15 Saint Bonaventure, Bishop, Doctor
Thu 16 Thursday of week 15 in Ordinary Time or Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Fri 17 Friday of week 15 in Ordinary Time
Sat 18 Saturday of week 15 in Ordinary Time or Saturday memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Sun 19 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Mon 20 Monday of week 16 in Ordinary Time or Saint Apollinaris, Bishop, Martyr
Tue 21 Tuesday of week 16 in Ordinary Time or Saint Laurence of Brindisi, Priest, Doctor
Wed 22 Saint Mary Magdalen Feast
Thu 23 Saint Bridget of Sweden, Patroness of Europe Feast
Fri 24 Friday of week 16 in Ordinary Time or Saint Charbel Makhlouf, Priest
Sat 25 Saint James, Apostle Feast
Sun 26 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Mon 27 Monday of week 17 in Ordinary Time
Tue 28 Tuesday of week 17 in Ordinary Time
Wed 29 Saint Martha
Thu 30 Thursday of week 17 in Ordinary Time or Saint Peter Chrysologus, Bishop, Doctor
Fri 31 Saint Ignatius Loyola, Priest


empty vatican
If you are looking for meaning in life but, not finding one, you throw yourself away with "imitations of love", such as wealth, career, pleasure, or an addiction, let Jesus look at you, and you will discover you have always been loved. June 27, 2020

Only those who see with the heart see things well, because they know how to “look into” each person: to see a brother or sister apart from his or her mistakes, hope amid difficulty. They see God everywhere. June 26, 2020

Let us begin anew from the numerous examples of generous, freely-given love, which in these months have shown us how much closeness, care, and sacrifice are needed to nourish fraternity and civil coexistence. In this way, we will emerge from this crisis stronger. June 25, 2020

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