Dear Parishioner,

On Monday 4th January, the government announced a new national lockdown due to increasing numbers of positive tests for coronavirus and a new strain of the virus that could be 70% more contagious than the previous strain.

I am delighted that church closures have not been included in this shutdown and we still have the possibility of gathering for mass and receiving Jesus in Holy Communion. This would seem to recognise the importance of faith during this difficult experience.

We must recognise, however, that opening our church building is dependent upon our covid-safe protocols, including sanitisation, wearing masks and social distancing, and the willingness of volunteer stewards to organise them.

To date, our diligence in this respect has given everyone great confidence in attending St Paulinus and we want to maintain this.

Therefore, at St Paulinus, we will postpone public worship for the coming week to ensure that our procedures are appropriate for the latest developments and we have sufficient volunteers to organise them. When ready, we will announce the return of public worship.

Hence, both masses this weekend will be live streamed at the usual times of Sat 6pm and Sunday 10am.

With prayers,

Fr Phil back to contents