St Paulinus of York (584 – 644AD)

feastday: October 10th

St Paulinus was a Roman monk. In 601 Pope St. Gregory I the Great sent him as a missionary to England, with Saints Justus and Mellitus. For some twenty years he laboured in Kent and in 625 was ordained bishop of Kent. He was also responsible for bringing Christianity to Northumbria, baptizing the pagan king Edwin of Northumbria on Easter 627, and then converting thousands of other Northumbrians.

One of the women Paulinus baptised was also a future saint, Hilda of Whitby.

Following the defeat and death of Edwin by pagan Mercians at the Battle of Hatfield in 633, Paulinus was driven out and returned to Kent with Edwin's widow Ethelburga, her two children, and Edwin's grandson Osfrid. Paulinus then took up the see of Rochester, which he headed until his death.

Not to be confused with: St. Paulinus of Antioch, St. Paulinus of Aquileia, St. Paulinus of Brescia, St. Paulinus of Capua, St. Paulinus of Nola ,St. Paulinus of Sinigaglia and St. Paulinus of Trier. Read about them all here:

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