You may be here for the first time, so please know that you are as welcome as the flowers in May! This is a place to belong, to relax, to grow.

We know that many people want to check out the church and “be anonymous” for awhile — and that’s fine with us!

Come in, enjoy the special atmosphere, be inspired.

We are here to help and support each other. Welcome home!

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"God has an amazing life planned for you."

If you want, you can discover more:

+ Be part of a loving, caring community, where everyone is valued.

+ Receive the wonderful gifts God wants to give to you.

+ Grow into the masterpiece God intended you to be.

From the outset God's love can transform your life - to be more beautiful, joyful, meaningful and authentic.

“Throughout my life’s journey, there’s one thing I’ve come to understand clearly: Only God can help you live a truly extraordinary life.”

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We don’t just preach, we listen too! Thoughtful discussion is part of our communal life for anyone who wants it. Looking for answers? Try Alpha


Here you'll find like-minded people with the good of the community at heart. Together we make a difference.

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There's a voice only you can hear. A noisy world will try to drown it out. But you can listen to it here.

God is not calling you to be average. God created you to be extraordinary.

God's love is real, powerful, and transforms lives with beauty, truth and purpose. It is all that transient, addictive culture is not. It changes everything.

Until you experience it you maybe won't believe it. Especially if all you have heard up to now is hearsay. In this church you will hear the word of Jesus spoken. It is true, it is reliable, and when you connect with it you are set free.

God's love is available to you. Accept it and you will find

+ the peace that passes all understanding

+ the joy of Christ which transcends all sadness, all happiness

+ Your purpose in life, to love and be loved

+ God-given power and freedom.

If you want to explore deeper, we periodically offer the chance to discuss, study scripture, learn and pray together. Our Lady Statue


Plan Your Visit


St Paulinus' Church, The Avenue, Guisborough TS14 8DN
Phone: 01642 292552

We have a lively (and sometimes noisy!) family service at 10AM ON SUNDAYS.

If you prefer to be quieter and more reflective try our vigil mass at 6PM ON SATURDAYS

Come and share these joyful occasions if you can!

On weekdays we have
MONDAY MASS 10am, with morning prayers at 9.40am.
THURSDAY MASS 10am, preceded by saying the Rosary together at 9.35am.

There is an opportunity for CONFESSIONS 5 - 5.30pm Saturday, before the evening Mass.

most FRIDAYs at 7pm is Adoration, praying with a time of music and a time of silence in the presence of the blessed sacrament

Services for our whole cluster of parishes are given here

Our welcoming team will greet you as you come in – we love to welcome everyone. We will not pry or embarrass you. We know that many people want to check out the church and “be anonymous” for awhile — and that’s fine with us! Come in, relax, enjoy the special atmosphere, be inspired.

If there is anything you need to know, just ask and we will do our best to help.

There is ample parking right in front of the church building, and flat wide access to the front door, with no steps.

Inside, the spaces are wide and wheelchair-friendly.

Dress the way you feel most comfortable for any of our services.

Sit in any bench you like – we do not individually own a seat! If a seat is genuinely needed to help the service take place, it will be marked ‘reserved’.

Sunday Morning Services feature contemporary and inspirational worship.

+ We listen to the words of scripture (the liturgy of the Word),

+ followed by a relevant message from our parish priest (the homily);

+ then we celebrate the Eucharist, communion with Jesus under the form of bread and wine.

It is fine to just listen and watch. Only take part in those things you feel comfortable with.

The Saturday Vigil follows the same format but is usually a quieter more reflective service. On occasion our services will also incorporate baptisms.

We have a rich tradition going back 2,000 years; don’t worry if not everything makes sense at once: like the stories Jesus told, the many layers of meaning go down to great depth.

Private prayer sessions are an opportunity to quietly reflect and enjoy the stillness in church. No-one will interrupt you. It is your time to be with God and bask in his presence.

We are hoping to re-start an outstanding Children’s ministry for ages from infants through year 6. Expect attention-getting object lessons, games, crafts, and fun in God’s Word!


Our Teams

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Connect with us

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We love to hear from you!
St Paulinus' Church, The Avenue, Guisborough TS14 8DN
Phone: 01642 292552
Parish Administrator: Fr Philip Cunnah:
Sacred Heart presbytery, Lobster Road, Redcar. TS10 1SH
Ministry Team: Frs. Phil Cunnagh, Jose Michael, Paul Dowling,Deacon Len Collings
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The generosity of our dedicated, longstanding community keeps us going.
So we do not need to ask you for money the moment you first walk through the door!

If you are inspired by what you see, and want to help us by giving, we will be delighted: it means we can do more, and serve more!

We plan to set up a "Just Giving" page to make things easy. Right now you can donate online direct from your bank account to ours:

sort code 20-56-90
account number 50002518
name: Diocese of Middlesbrough
bank: Barclays Bank PLC, Unit 1 Centre Mall, The Mall, Middlesbrough

Or you can download this standing order form and send it with your details to your bank.

There is a separate building fund to service the hefty debt on our church building. Donations can be made using this standing order form.

You can increase the value of your gift by using gift aid, as explained in this gift aid form.
To contact our parish finance officer for a gift aid form, Email:

Our parish is part of the DIOCESE OF MIDDLESBROUGH (CHARITY NUMBER 233748)



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