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Children's Liturgy


Our values as expressed by our young people


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MASS TIMES every week:


Family Mass

10am every Sunday

with children's liturgy, most Sundays

followed by tea/coffee morning, first Sundays of the month


Vigil Mass

6pm every Saturday


Parish weekday mass

10am every Thursday

followed by tea/coffee morning, then crafts session


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St Paulinus RC Church, The Avenue Guisborough TS14 8DN

Phone: +44 01287 638233 - Fax 01287 637173

Email: contact@stpaulinusguisborough.org.uk

schoolSt Paulinus School is right next to our church. Visit the school website HERE schoolSacred Heart School, Redcar website is HERE


    EVERY week: Holy Mass:

    Sat 6pm; Sun 10am; Thur 10am;

    Prayer Group (Rosary) Wed 10am;

    Crafters Thur 11am;

    Music and Memory: 3rd Fri of month 1.30-4.30pm, starts 29th Nov;

  • January 2020
  • Thu 16th Morning Mass;coffee after;then Craft and Knitting Club
  • Sun 19th 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time.PEACE DAY.
  • Sun 19th 6.15pm service for Unity, in church
  • Mon 20th SVP Meet 10:30am
  • Mon 20th 12noon service for Unity, Salvation Army Citadel
  • Tue 21st 12noon service for Unity, St Nicholas church
  • Wed 22nd Prayer Group 10a.m. in Church
  • Wed 22nd 12noon service for Unity, Guisborough Methodist church
  • Thu 23rd Morning Mass;coffee after;then Craft and Knitting Club
  • Thu 23rd 12noon service for Unity, United Reformed church
  • Fri 24th 12noon service for Unity, Christian Fellowship at Methodist church
  • Sun 25th 3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time – Feast of the Word of God
  • Wed 28th Prayer Group 10a.m. in Church
  • Thu 29th Morning Mass;coffee after;then Craft and Knitting Club
  • February
  • Fri 21st Fr Michael's Golden Jubilee
  • March
  • Fri 6th World Day of Prayer:service in church
  • Fri 20th Parish Quiz Night

OUR TEAM - at St Paulinus Parish, Guisborough

God loves us! We love God! We love People!

We are striving to follow the Way as God builds His Kingdom right here in Guisborough

Meet our Teams and find out about our projects - click an image below to find out more

or Contact us to Join a Team; also see: our Patron

Canon Michael Bayldon, parish priest

team member

Our Parish Priest

serving faithfully for 50 years


Prayer and Praise Team

team member

Altar Servers

Liturgy and Music

Ministers of the Word

Ministers of the Eucharist

Scripture Study

Outreach Team

team member

Bringing God's love to others in practical action

Study and Service

The office: finance, maintenance...

young people


‘Don’t let anyone put you down because you’re young’ (1 Tim 4:11). In the Christian life, your age does not define your maturity. Whatever your age, you can set an example by your life. Furthermore, age is no bar to teaching the word of God.

'Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity' (1 Tim 4:11)

seniors of any age

crafts session

summer high tea

social events


By God's grace and with your help, this is what we aspire to offer:



LITURGY and MUSIC: To help make our worship, praise and celebration JOYFUL, WHOLEHEARTED and SINCERE we need people to be altar servers, to READ the words of scripture to others, to BRING THE GIFTS to the table of the Lord, to GIVE COMMUNION, to SING and PLAY MUSIC

WELCOMING: we aim to offer friendship to all who come here; we need Welcomers to meet and greet with loving kindness all who enter here


COMFORTING: With the help of volunteers, to offer solace to those who are in sickness, debt, dependency, need, bereaved or lonely or feeling unable to cope. Are you called to do this, perhaps with some support and training?

HELPING, BEING GOOD NEIGHBOURS: giving practical help of every sort to those who need it. (SVP, CAFOD, The Bridge)



OPEN CHURCH: Our beautiful church building is here to help you find the stillness and peace which nourishes a healthy spiritual life. We would like the building to be open and available more often. To do this we need more STEWARDS to keep the place and everyone in it safe.

STUDY: seeking together a deeper understanding of the WORD of God


with CHILDREN, YOUNG PEOPLE, YOUNG ADULTS, COUPLES, FAMILIES, SINGLES, SENIORS of all ages, the UNEMPLOYED, the OVER-BURDENED and OVER-STRESSED. Do you have a calling or a gift to work with a particular section of our community?


To express the joy and wonder of our life in Christ. Are you artistic - musical - a gifted writer? Whether through pictures, sculptures, flowers, words, drama, music, dance - bring your celebration of life into this community of prayer and praise.


We need to maintain our buildings and keep them clean, keep finances and church property in good order... so that everything continues to run smoothly and we can get on with doing the work God calls us to do. Do you have practical gifts to share?

Do you have a calling or a gift to serve others? Or could you become so with some support and training? There is much work for us to do. Give something back in GRATITUDE for the wonder of God's creation and for the mighty harvest He is gathering here and all over the world.
To find out more GET IN TOUCH

also, near to our parish, working for seafarers, is: the apostleship of the sea

Quotes From Our Teams



In our rich tradition there are many ways of praying,
from silent contemplation ... to lively joyful celebration ...
every road which leads to God is paved and sheltered by prayer.
Prayer is effective.
Here are some resources to help you